How do I find a product?

To find a product, you can display the navigation menu located at the top. In this way, you can access all the available sections and types of products.

Each section has a navigation submenu with the different product categories. Through these, you access the product listings. Organize them using the relevance range (name, price) and activating the different qualitative filters (prices, brand ...).

You can also go to the search engine located in the upper area; the result will show the available articles based on the entered data.

Once you have found the article, expand the information by clicking on its name or its image. A product card will be opened with its detailed characteristics, the variants available (sizes, measurements ...

How does the search engine work?

The search engine located in the upper area of ​​the page is very useful when you are looking for a product or a brand. When typing the term in the search box, the most similar results appear so that you can narrow your search (products that have this term in their title, categories).

If none matches what you request, click on 'Search'. The result will show the available articles based on the entered data.

How do I add products to the basket?

To add products to the basket, just click on the black button 'Add to cart' in the tab of any product. Once entered, a summary of the basket appears at the top where you can go through the box or keep buying. This summary is displayed every time you click on the black "Cart" button. When finished, click on "Process order" to access the list of items previously entered, their units, their price, their delivery method and the total amount to be paid.

What steps do I have to follow to make a purchase?

Make your purchase following five comfortable steps:

Add to cart: Add the products you prefer to the basket and at the end click on "Go through the box". You will access your list of items incorporated in the basket. Here you can change the number of units or delete a product. The total amount to be paid is shown with shipping costs included. If you are satisfied, click on "Go through the box".

1.- Personal data

Here you enter your data, and create an account. Press the "Continue" button.

2.- Addresses

Here you enter your shipping address and the information you want to appear on the invoice. Press the "Continue" button.

3.- Shipping method

Choose the method of sending and picking up at the store. Shipping costs will be assigned based on the selected destination. If you have opted for store collection, the cost is free. Click on 'Continue'.

4.- Payment

In this step, all available payment options will appear on the screen: secure payment with a bank card, secure payment with PayPal, secure payment with credit/debit card, and payment with Bizum (only for Spanish bank accounts). Select the option you prefer. You can also choose to pay in three interest-free installments through Klarna (only in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Portugal).

Important, please accept the terms of service and review your order before making the payment.

Once everything is in order, click on the "Order with payment obligation" button.

5.- Confirmation

You have already made the purchase! This page confirms the correct processing of the order and shows you a summary of the order.

I can not add products to the basket, what do I do?

When you can not add products to the basket, try again after an hour or a few minutes. Probably due to a temporary system error. We apologize if this has happened to you.

Are the prices and offers of the online products the same as those of the stores?

The usual thing is that in most cases it coincides, but sometimes promotions and exclusive discounts are made on the web that are not reflected in the stores and vice versa. Either way on the product's own tab you can check if it is an exclusive online offer.

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