Sell the Product You Don't Use on MercaNautic and Make Money


During the months of May and June 2024, we will not be able to accept products on consignment or make new product purchases. We appreciate your understanding.

Do you need to get rid of a product that's taking up space and no longer serves you? Bring it to MercaNautic, and we'll take care of everything.

How does it work?

Contact us by phone, email, or visit our store, and let us know which product(s) you want to sell and their condition.

We will provide you with a preliminary valuation of the product based on the characteristics, condition, brand, and model you provided.

If you agree with the initial valuation, send us the product with prepaid shipping. We will verify if the item matches the described conditions. Remember that the items must be complete with all accessories to be tested. If they are in poor condition, not working, or do not match your description, they will be returned to you with postage due.

Before putting it up for sale, we will sign a consignment contract with you.

When we sell your product, we will inform you, and you can use the amount either to purchase any of our products or receive the same by bank transfer to the account you provide.

Advantages of Selling Through MercaNautic

Larger Nautical Market

We are the largest second-hand nautical store in Europe.


You just need to bring or send us the product, and we take care of the rest.


We have been selling second-hand nautical products for over 20 years. When your product is sold, we will notify you immediately.


Our processes are completely legal, and we comply with all security and guarantee regulations required by law.

Peace of mind

Once the consignment contract is signed, your only concern will be deciding what product to acquire or how to spend the money.4o

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