• Send us your used item, we value it and we discount it in the purchase of a new one.
    • Shipping will be charged to the customer.
    • The articles must be complete with all their accessories to be tested in MercaNautic. In the event that they are in poor condition, or not working, they will be returned to the customer.
    • You must contact MercaNautic, either by fax, telephone, email or by visiting our stores, indicating which product or products you wish to sell and the status of them.
    • Once assessed according to the brand and model, and if you agree, you will send the product to us paid postage to check it and if it corresponds to the object to be sold and the status is as indicated, and once the material is sold A bank transfer will be made to the current account that you provide.
    • In the event that the state is not suitable, it will be returned freight collect.
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