Warranty and hassle free return

First-hand and outleet products have a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee, and the processing of this will depend on the policy of each manufacturer.

Second-hand products have our 1 year warranty, as long as your product:

It does not fit our description or the qualities do not correspond to those indicated.

Present technical failures that have not been specified in the description.

It is understood that the fault already existed, that is, it is a defect of origin if it manifests itself during the first six months. Once these first six months have elapsed and to be covered by the guarantee, it must be proven that it is a factory defect.

We recommend that you keep the box of the products during these two years, in case of not having the box, the guarantee cannot be managed.

If the product has a guarantee, we will repair or replace it and send it back to your home with all problems solved and free of charge. If the repair involves a disproportionate cost for us in relation to the product, then we will offer you other alternatives:

Send you a similar product.

Offer you an additional discount on the product.

Refund of the amount.

If for any reason the product does not comply with our return or guarantee policy, we will notify you and send the same product without repair or change to your address.

The warranty period will not apply in the case of failures or defects caused by accident, negligence or misuse of the product by the customer. Similarly, the manipulation or variation of any product (welding, wiring, adding components, etc.) will automatically void the warranty.

Once 15 days have elapsed from the date of delivery, the transport costs of the return, as well as the new shipment, must be borne by the customer.

In case you have any questions, please contact us.

Cancellation of the guarantee

We will not be able to apply the guarantee in the cases in which:

You lose, break, or you drop the product or any of its components, or the product has damage caused by misuse or causes beyond the control of the device itself. Nor will it apply if a third party not expressly authorized by MercaNautic and / or manipulates the product.

Do not present a valid order number.

The personal data, order details and details of the product that you have registered in the return request do not match the details of the original purchase order.

Do not send all the accessories included in the original shipment together with the product.

Information about our online purchasing service

If you want information about the purchase process, or if you want to know the status of your order, call us at +34 971 703 646 during business hours of our store or write us an email at secondhand@mercanautic.com.

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