Shipping conditions of MercaNautic

Shipments of items are made to any destination, both in Spain, the European Union, and the rest of the world, where the companies Correos, GLS, MRW and TNT have distribution.

Keep in mind before ordering that some items due to their characteristics, voltage, network types, etc. may not be valid in certain countries.

Orders are not sent to PO boxes.

If the order contains anchors, chains or material that weighs more than 10Kg, you can claim an extra payment on the transport.

All the products that put in features EXCLUSIVE ONLINE SALE can have a delivery time between 8/10 days.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs may vary depending on the item, the final amount of the order, the number of units and the type of shipment or collection option.

There are items that by their weight and volume characteristics or by the conditions of delivery address (height of roofs, elevator, stairwell ...), can only be left at street level. But if you still want to deliver it to your address, you must inform us of these circumstances by calling 971 703 646, we will send you an estimate of the shipping costs and if you accept, we will proceed to take the necessary steps to deliver it to you in the shortest possible time. possible. Keep in mind that if it were necessary, for example, to put a crane, special permits are needed that involve procedures that can extend the delivery time.

Extra dimensions

If one of the measurements exceeds the maximum standard or the sum of all three (length + width + height), a surcharge of 35% will be applied. In case two or more dimensions exceed the standard, or one dimension and the sum of all three, a surcharge of 70% will be applied.

Volumetric weight

Shipments will be subject to volumetric weight criteria (167 kg/meter3), according to the following formula: length x width x height (expressed in centimeters)/6,000.

All the products that you put in features EXCLUSIVE ON LINE SALE can have a delivery time between 8/10 days.

Delivery term

The general delivery time in peninsula, Balearic Islands and European Union is 2/4 working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The deadline for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla is 21 working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. This term may vary depending on the type of product. MercaNautic will not be responsible for delays that occur due to causes beyond its control or force majeure.

And the general term of delivery in international destinations that are not from the European Union is approximately 10 working days in customs. The delivery time at home will depend on the time it takes to pay taxes (except customs inspections).

Each Customs has a collection period of the merchandise past which it is abandoned, being the responsibility of the customer any future consequences.

When you buy from another country you act as importer of the product and the customs policies vary from one country to another, we advise you to contact the corresponding customs office to inform you about the import restrictions that apply to certain products. MercaNautic is not responsible for your return.

Before confirming your purchase make sure you have put the delivery address correctly because if this was wrong, you will have to assume the shipping costs to the correct address, it is essential the recipient's phone.

Shipping companies

The companies with which MercaNautic works are:

Correos shipping tracking:

GLS shipping tracking:

MRW shipping tracking:

MRW shipping tracking:

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