Navigation on board any vessel, whether motor or sailboat, recreational, sports or professional, coastal, offshore, or river navigation, requires many tools and accessories. These can be regulatory, mandatory, comfort, or security.

You will find all kinds of tools, devices, accessories, and equipment to improve your comfort and safety: Cabin seats and chairs, binoculars, clocks, barometers. Tools and accessories to follow your course: sextants, mechanical, digital, and analog compasses, navigation guides and books, rulers, and measurement tools. Accessories such as flags, poles with and on bases, as well as many rudder-related pieces of equipment. Whether you are looking for tools, accessories, or equipment for your cabin, in Mercanautic, you will find these products at the best price possible in the market. 

In our store, you will find many references for new, second-hand or outlet products; that will be perfect for your needs. Our experts review all products to guarantee optimal use at a good value for money.

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