Safety onboard a boat, whether for pleasure or professional use and its size, is essential and often mandatory.

The regulatory aspect may vary depending on the type of boat, the power, and type of engines, the place where it is sailed (inland waters, coastal navigation, sea, mid-coast, offshore, etc.), number of people on board, level of your boat, equipment, etc. Depending on current regulations and the degrees of security that the captain wishes to have onboard, many types of equipment are available.

Here you will find harnesses and lifebuoys, lifeboats and rafts, lifebuoys, lifejackets, audible alarm signals, bilge water evacuation systems, crew kits, fire prevention, and control systems. Also, location systems such as distress beacons, security lighting, etc. As well as a large number of accessories, complementary techniques and installation, and support solutions. In our "safety onboard," you will find many products for all your regulatory and optional safety issues to equip your boat in the best conditions and at the best price. Trust our store, a leader in maritime security equipment in the Balearic Islands.

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