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Find in Mercanautic many references of anodes made of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium alloy to replace the anodes of the hull and the shaft of your motor, either inboard or outboard. 

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Max Prop series anode 61 mm diam. outlet

anode for propeller maxprop . Dimensions 61mm ext. total 39mm inside weight 0.260 kg

Max prop anode for sail drive

For sail drive, three-blade propeller

The function of the anodes is to protect the parts from corrosion. Therefore, they have to be changed at least every season. In harsher sea conditions, more frequent replacement is essential. The anodes are along the keel, at the rudder and propeller shaft.

Be careful never to paint, brush, or grease your anodes! They would lose their electrical conductivity with water and therefore could no longer perform their corrosion protection function. In addition, if the boat is out of the water for a long time, a layer of oxidation can be formed (especially on the aluminum anodes) and cause a loss of performance. In these cases, they have to be changed to protect the parts and the boat engine adequately.

Association table for the choice of anodes (in kg), according to the corresponding metal surface to be protected: Metal surfaces in m2 / Zinc anodes in kg

5 to 10 m2 / 5.5 kg

10 to 20 m2 / 9.5 kg

20 to 30 m2 / 18.0 kg

30 to 40 m2 / 20.0 kg

40 to 50 m2 / 25.0 kg

Shaft and rudder anodes, Propeller anodes, Propulsion anodes, Mooring anodes, Engine anodes, Welding anodes, Bolt-on anodes, Switchboard anodes, Heat exchanger anodes, Aluminum anodes, Special anodes for boats aluminum,

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